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56 characters have been created since July 1st.
Previous ladder season had 270 characters created!

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AX Classic EQ

Ladder Leaders as of Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

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Ranking Character Level Zone Last Online  
1stNaotora34The Tenebrous MountainsToday
2ndArrowanna30Solusek's Eye1 week ago
3rdJubilex26Northern FelwitheToday
4Corfyr21Shadeweaver's Thicket2 days ago
5Gilnut21Castle Mistmoore2 weeks ago
6Bubble13Paineel2 days ago
8Janken12Greater FaydarkToday
9Vedal12Cabilis West1 month ago
11Lardis9Crushbone1 week ago
12Tannarus8Butcherblock Mountains1 month ago
14Akuno5Blackburrow1 month ago
16Salarah5Greater FaydarkToday
17Gemino3East CommonlandsToday
18Kirstie3Halas2 weeks ago
19Noarb3Greater Faydark1 week ago
20Petite3Rivervale1 week ago