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142 characters have been created since July 1st.
Previous ladder season had 270 characters created!

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AX Classic EQ

Ladder Leaders as of Thursday, September 21st, 2017

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Ranking Character Level Zone Last Online  
1stFeyannaa55Northern FelwitheToday
2ndGemino52Plane of Knowledge1 month ago
3rdNaotora45Surefall Glade1 month ago
4Adept41Nagafen's Lair8/21/2017
5Kessan37Surefall Glade1 week ago
6Janken35Frontier Mountains8/14/2017
7Arrowanna32Greater FaydarkYesterday
8Alaric31Lesser FaydarkToday
9Salarah27Greater Faydark8/08/2017
10Jubilex26Northern Felwithe7/27/2017
11Ickabod23South Qeynos1 week ago
12Corfyr21Butcherblock Mountains2 weeks ago
13Yinyang20Solusek's EyeToday
14Tracker17Lake of Ill OmenToday
16Anna12The Paludal Caverns2 weeks ago
17Tullie12North Freeport1 week ago
18Vedal12Cabilis West7/08/2017
19Health10Northern Felwithe8/15/2017
20Icky10Field of BoneToday