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Greatest number of players online was 18 set on November 5th 2014.
Maximum number of all bots was 189 set on November 5th 2014.
Total number of registered accounts is: 3831
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Currently, there are 24 Forum users online. (2 registered users and 22 guests)
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Server News

Angelox: Bot/multi-player groups enabled for zoning. For now, only group leader can add and control bots.

Angelox: Lots of bot/multi-player grouping work. Bot/multi-player groups still can't zone as zone crashes o... more

AX Classic EQ

Server News

Posted on Thursday, November 20, 2014 by patrikpatrik


*Added Server News that describe the updates and/or changes to the Rathe Server.

Hall of Fame Ladder Champion

Posted on Monday, November 17, 2014 by patrikpatrik


*Completed Hall of Fame.
*Ladder FAQ has been moved back to it's original place.
*Ladder Champions has it's own page in Ladder Section.
*Currently, 8 out of 9 champions are recognized.

Expanded 'Guides' section and more fixes

Posted on Sunday, November 16, 2014 by patrikpatrik

*'How to connect?' steps have been revised and clarified.
*Added links for Recommended Files in 'How to connect?'.
*Hunting Guide section in Forums added to Recent Topics.
*Added Quick Link to moonstone drop table in 'Moonstones & Traveling'.
*'Gate & Bard Quests' has been moved to 'Guides'.
*'Bot Quest Items' and 'Evil's Guide to Items' walkthrough moved from FAQ's to 'Guides'.
*'Questing for Temperence' has been added to 'Guides'.
*Walkthrough for Epics 1.0 have been added to 'Guides'.
*'Wiki' can be found in 'Guides' section for reference.
*Several articles have been added to 'Guides'.

Any errors, correction, typos, fixes, etc. please let me know.
Note: Currently, these art... more


Couple additions and changes

Posted on Thursday, November 13, 2014 by patrikpatrik

Good Evening,

* Added Forum Info window.
* Moved 'Wiki' to 'Guides' menubar, still WIP.
* Changed 'Moonstones & Traveling' list to a table with anchor links to mobs/zones.
* Articles will have an author now, if available.
* Added quick links to 'Bot Commands' for class specific commands.

* Changed background layout to dark tile from original Axclassic site.

Specific updates

Posted on Monday, November 3, 2014 by patrikpatrik

I went over and re-examined all the timestamps such as Recent topics, News, Server info, Ladder Rankings, Voting results, and made them display reasonably. It's subtle, but makes things appear cleaner and more professional.

Light shades and highlights on menu bar, left column, recent topics, and ladder stats, not too much and hopefully not too tacky either.

As for Recent Topics, there were some topics that were weeks even months old and still being displayed here, so I made sure new topics remain as Recent Topics for 1 week before they fall off. They can still be perused over in the Forums. If any errors and/or corrections please let me know, thank you.