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Congdar: Message(int,string) now works for bots in quest scripts. if($thing->IsBot()) $thing->Message( 5, "$name says $mname is hitting me with a sword, whaaa!");
Aardil: Halls of Honor revamp.
Patrikpatrik: Added depopper scripts for fableds in Mistmoore & Lower Guk.
== 6/01/2017==
Patrikpatrik: Updated recommended files section in 'How to Connect?'.
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Greatest number of players online is 18 set on November 5th 2014.
Maximum number of all bots is 262 set on September 16th 2016.
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AX Classic EQ

Halls of Honor

Posted on Saturday, June 3, 2017 by patrikpatrik

Halls of Honor has been revamped. Minimum level is 46 but recommended level 50. Requires certain files to see the zone properly and you can get it here or in 'How to Connect?' section. As always, post any bugs in Forums.

Ladder season 10 is coming to a close in a couple weeks. Next restart is on July 1st. Lots of potential level 65's on the horizon and still plenty of time to get those rewards.

*Recommended files section updated in 'How to Connect?'.

Guides section update

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2017 by patrikpatrik

Revamped 'Guides' section on the front page to provide useful info such as bot guides and various walkthroughs, neatly condensed for your convenience. We encourage those to write detailed guides that provide comprehensive resources for AXClassic. Plus they are good reads if you have the time.

Just a reminder that this current ladder season is about halfway through. It ends on June 30th and the next ladder starts on July 1st until December 31st. Also, ladder rankings can always be viewed here. Have any suggestions for the next ladder rewards? Let us know.

Happy 2017 folks!

Posted on Sunday, January 1, 2017 by patrikpatrik

Ladder has been reset and refreshed for the new year. Turns out this is AXClassic's 10th ladder season. The first one ended back in February, 2010. Has it been 7 years already!? During these early years the ladder season lasted up to and sometimes greater than the 1 year cycle.

To make this special, when you receive your final ladder trophy from Champion Darkwater at level 65, hand it back to him to receive a king card PLUS a random colored ticket. Take this ticket to Champion Lightwater in Plane of Knowledge and she'll give you 1 of 4 best shrink items in game. Also, a full set of gear of your choice. Click -here- for specific reward info. Good luck! This ladder season will end on July 1st, 2017.

Daily restarts

Posted on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 by patrikpatrik

The Rathe server auto-restarts every morning at 4:30am Eastern standard time. Server wide messages in the form of broadcasts will notify players several minutes before it happens.

*Added server time feature in serverstat window. This replaces Active zones. The server time displays how long the Rathe server's been up since last restart.

Friendly Reminder

Posted on Sunday, November 20, 2016 by patrikpatrik

For those who are curious, the current ladder season will end on December 31st and restart on January 1st, 2017. Current rewards are going to be carried over unless notified ahead of time. If you have any suggestions for future rewards, feel free to post ideas in Forums.

Also, if you don't reach level 65 before the end of the ladder reason, don't worry your character will not be deleted. Create a new character to participate in the next one.

*Link to current level 65 rewards here.
*Forum color legends fix.
*Clarified changelog sections.


Posted on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 by patrikpatrik

'The Rathe News' section has been changed to 'Changelogs'.

This section has been replaced and will now pull directly from the changelog themselves and unload database requests.

*added source changelog
*added quests changelog
*added database changelog
*added web changelog

NOTICE: These files are from changelogs to four different AX Classic SVNs. For more details on updates, see the changelogs and the GitHubs SVN update logs.