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Voting poll has been added

posted Oct 17, 2014

With a voting system in place, more questions can be added in the future that will be useful in gathering data. One vote per user and no registration is necessary. All votes are completely anonymous.

AX Classic Facebook revival

posted Oct 12, 2014

AX Classic is back on Facebook now. If you have time to recommend this game to friends please do! Any future events will be updated there as well as the Forums. I will try to keep things up to date as much as possible. You can find the link on the bottom left corner.

Welcome to AX Classic Everquest!

posted Oct 2, 2014

This is the updated AX Classic website. Everything has been streamlined and concentrated for your convenience. All the guides and instructions are on your left column or up on the menu bar. If you have questions, suggestions, and/or corrections please contact Happy questing!

FAQs being updated

posted Sept 18, 2014

More Frequently Asked Questions are being submitted here. If anyone wants to suggest a question and answer it in detail please do so! If you encounter bugs and/or exploits please submit them as well. We are continuously working to flesh out bugs and improve quests and content.

New Expansion is up!

posted Sept 8, 2014

DoN or Dragons of Norrath is now live. Any zone you enter starting out will have neutral faction until you start killing off the non aggressive mobs.

There are a couple of new groups of NPC's in Lavastorm, they are the quest givers. The main difference here is that these are not instanced zones, so all the mobs are up. More details here! - Aardil