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Angelox: Some optimizations to quest globals, requres changes01_qglobal.sql.

Lazylob: Added a check to allow bots with pet specific buffs to stack correctly.

Angelox: Added GM command #... more

Server Info
Greatest number of players online is 18 set on November 5th 2014.
Maximum number of all bots is 224 set on December 19th 2014.
Total number of registered accounts is: 3927
AX Classic EQ

New Ladder has been started!

Posted yesterday, at 1:00am by patrikpatrik

Rankings have been wiped clean and ladder is reset for a fresh, new start. Simply create a new character and see your progress after level 2.

*Ladder Rankings should start at top 5 then expand correctly.
*Fixed issue with Ladder so it doesn't randomly switch around if you're the same level as someone else.
*Corrected links in 'FAQs' & 'Guides' section.
*Updated various info.
*Added 'Ladder Info' window in Ladder page.
*Champions page has been removed for now.

For those who wanted to know the purpose of the rankings and champions page, it's nothing that important; Other than to know where you're at during the ladder season and I suppose bragging rights.

Lastly, the new changes... more

Ladder season coming to a close

Posted on Monday, June 1, 2015 by patrikpatrik

Hello everyone, it's been a quiet couple of months. Next ladder starts July 1st and rankings will be reset.

Do you have any suggestions for the next ladder? Leave ideas and/or suggestions in Forums or the facebook page. Have a great summer!

*Couple pages down for July 1st reset.


Events added

Posted on Tuesday, March 24, 2015 by patrikpatrik

Events window added and can be viewed from the front page. Currently there about 6 events that are running at any time and only one active during the session.

*minor corrections to 'Bot Commands', 'Raid Commands', 'FAQs', 'Server Rules'
*color correction on several pages, grammar corrections, link fixes
*Server Info window moved to bottom of page.

Server Rules update and banned IPs

Posted on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 by patrikpatrik

'Server Rules' section has been slightly updated.

*Banned IP list has been added and can be viewed in 'Server Rules' section. If any suspicious activity is present, the database will automatically log your IP for security purposes. If you believe your IP has been listed erroneously, contact Administrators as soon as possible.

We have to put our foot down when it comes to cheating because it will not be tolerated on The Rathe Server.

Server stability and minor updates

Posted on Monday, March 16, 2015 by patrikpatrik

The Rathe Server should now be functioning properly. Please give another couple days for everything to return to normal.

*Server statistics, Hot Zones, and Active Zones should be displaying correctly.
*Bot Raid Commands have been added and can be found in 'Bot Commands' section. They are broken into 3 parts which can be accessed via Quick Links.

Rathe back up (I hope)

Posted on Saturday, March 14, 2015 by angelox

Please see if you can log in OK, make sure your status was as it was before the crash.