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The Rathe News

Cerbert: Added new gm command corpselist
Cerbert: Inventory change to allow autostack on pickpocket

==5/26/2016== Angelox: Fix for aggro still there after Evac or zoning back.

==5/25/2016== Angelox: Fixed #bot pacify while in guard mode, wasn't working right.

==5/17/2016== Angelox: Fix for zone crash on character death.

Cerbert: Turned off automatic chat set with #bot group normal,Turned on bots stat... more

Server Info
Greatest number of players online is 18 set on November 5th 2014.
Maximum number of all bots is 262 set on September 16th 2016.
Total number of registered accounts is: 4032
AX Classic EQ

Front page updates

Posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 by patrikpatrik

Thought I'd push a couple more updates to the front page before the big move.

*Fixed horizontal stretching to be limited when maximizing window.
*Centered the pages upon stretching.
*Colors brighter
*Shadows darker
*Server stats will now update player count, bots etc. realtime without refreshing your browser. Still testing!

Zone cleanups

Posted on Sunday, September 4, 2016 by patrikpatrik

Several zones are going through cleanups serverside to improve stability and reduce lag/errors. The more active zones have priority with more to come. Changes should be Live like or classic like as possible. Have a safe Labor Day!

Lower Guk - Click here for a changelog.
Najena - Click here for a changelog.
Nagafen's Lair - Click here for a changelog.
Karnor's Castle - Click here for a changelog.
ToFS - Click here for a changelog.


Posted on Monday, August 29, 2016 by angelox

Website and forums moving soon, but Login Server will remain the same a while longer

July 1st ladder start

Posted on Friday, July 1, 2016 by patrikpatrik

New Ladder has begun!

Ladder has been restarted and rankings reset. If you're just starting out now, take your time as the next restart isn't until 2017. Rewards up to and including level 65 will continue until further notice. Here is the link for the level 65 rewards. Let's see some more level 65's this season. Have a nice summer!

*Champion Darkwater updated
*Ladder Info section & Ladder rankings reset.
*Older polls put in archived links in 'Guides' section.
*Updated 'Character Mover' section.

Tower of Frozen Shadow is going through some classic changes. Click here for a changelog.

Plane of Time B normal zone revamp

Posted on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 by patrikpatrik

Hello folks, As some of you might be aware we were having issues with instances so we decided to take them down and use normal zones for now. With that being said:

*Plane of time B has been restored to the original intended way of playing. This includes all 5 phases uninterrupted as well as random adds and multiple waves with God encounters. This was a huge undertaking in a short amount of time to say the least. Couple of things:

Everything now spawns as it was supposed to. Broken scripts have been corrected, mended, and many zone breaking bugs have been fixed. Since it is a normal zone, only 1 player is allowed in Plane of Time B. To get there, kill all 5 bosses in Plane of Time A (Guarding the 5 sundials). This is required to zone into Plane of Time B. Since more than 1 person might be interested in getting access to Plane of Time B at any time, it is up to the player's mutual agreement to decide priority etc.

There no more timers for Plane of Tim... more


Server Stats updated + Firefox

Posted on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 by patrikpatrik

*Those that use Firefox browsers should now have the tables, borders, and radio buttons displayed how they intended to be. Apparently what Google Chrome displays isn't necessarily the same as Firefox, Safari, etc..

*Added to display the number of Forum guests only. This will be based on active guests over the past ~15 minutes and for privacy, registered users will not be included.
*FAQ's updated.

If it seems like the server stats on the top right isn't aligning up correctly, press 'F5' to refresh your page.